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Boys riding the Whiptide CasterboardAs seen on TV, the WHIPTIDE Dual Deck Carve Board is the newest, hottest technology in street boarding! WHIPTIDE’s unique design and engineering feature dual decks and FOUR pro-style 80mm in-line wheels for maximum control and stability. What’s more, WHIPTIDE is the ONLY street surfboard with the patented flex neck design and lightweight, 360-degree pivoting aluminum trucks. These allow you to create snowboard-like carving motion, so you can make sharper, smoother turns than you could with any other board. Just Carve and Go like you are one a real snowboard or surfboard riding the wave!

Riding the Whiptide™ is like a combination of surfing, snowboarding, and skating. Forget what you know about ordinary skateboards. No one else has board technology and engineering like the Whiptide™. It's more flexible than a longboard, Whiptide ABEC 5 Bearings and 360deg Castersand more durable than any other street surfboard. Ride the wave better than ever with the Whiptide™! Unlike a ripstik or other casterboards, longboards, or street surfboards, the Whiptide™ is the only dual deck board that has 4, super high quality, 80mm in-line wheels with high performance ABEC 5 bearings and lightweight, inclined, 360-degree pivoting aluminum trucks!

The Decks are larger than the typical street surfboard, giving you better stability, and are made from practically indestructible ABS plastic. The grip tape gives you perfect hold, plus the spiked traction zones give you great foot control.

The Whiptide™ is perfect for any surface, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

Why spend hundreds on old fashioned boards that you have to build from scratch and pay extra for trucks and wheels…or get a board with only 2 wheels and less features than the Whiptide™, when you can get the most unique and revolutionary Dual Deck Carve Board ever created, with the patented Flex Neck Connector that lets you just Carve…and Go!



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